I'm dead they managed to have a housing crisis in a fuckin mmo *flip table and leave to scream at a tree*

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whoa did some digging and they were multiple ones in the game in the last few year :0 how can fuck up so badly

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@Alesha Ahaha I remember when that happened. My friends and I all share a house because none of us can get one of our own.

@adamk678 @Alesha yknow it's weirdly apt that the ecoterrorism game franchise is the one that also perfectly simulates the issue of comodified housing.

@adamk678 I'm commenting so I hopefully remember to come back and tell you about the economy of the Discworld MUD (text-based mmo running since 89)

Or "What Happens When A Bunch of Brits Command An Economy"

(rampant consumerism to the point devs were overworking just to add new toys) @Alesha

unintentionally dystopian mmo settings 

@BestGirlGrace @Alesha
thats always been such a weird thing. everyone should be able to get a house thats just instanced like the inn room is.
also if all houses get bought, they could just... add another instance of the housing district. theyre all identical anyway

@larrydavis @Alesha Exactly. They can just spin up more houses for you to buy.

Not that they really need to have the housing districts, either, honestly

@BestGirlGrace @Alesha
i miss Star War Galaxies where i just plopped a damn house in the middle of the desert and sometimes i could sit on my porch and watch people die to Krayt Dragons

them were the days

@larrydavis @BestGirlGrace @Alesha A Tale in the Desert, which was an ancient Egypt crafting MMO, had a really neat way to advance as a builder. In order to master the obelisk and move on to the next structure, you had to build one taller than any other obelisk visible from that location. The game restarted every year or so, but over that year it got harder to get that mastery

@BestGirlGrace @Alesha something something server constraints due to the fact that the 'outsides' all exist in the same zone. apartments are cheap and plentiful because they don't have an outside (though i wish they'd offer bigger apartments)

@hierarchon @Alesha It's impressive what they manage to do given that they have to keep patching this weird legacy code

can't make your inventory bigger because that makes every server round trip. but if we stick it on your chocobo...

@BestGirlGrace @Alesha theyve since more or less solved the crisis since this tweet was posted like 1.5 years ago by 1) prioritizing free companies over players 2) making it impossible to hoard them and flip them 3) adding like double the number of wards and 4) making it so you lose your house if you arent active for like 6 months to also prevent hoarding locations

@Alesha @Titanotter This reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies. Every time you would leave a city, the entire MAP was a massive expanse of houses used for nothing but storage, often owned by the same people or groups

@Alesha "formerly vacant corner of the game" finders keepers bitch gitcha own hovel

@Alesha second life is even worse because they have landlords

@Alesha Best part of housing in ESO is every house is instanced. No other players visible unless they visit you (and you can block that), everyone can buy every house (if they have enough gold or real-$ crowns). Nice and peaceful.

@Alesha Right up there with the massive banking crises and heists in EVE Online

@Alesha they had this problem in archage. People with bots sniped all the houses

@Alesha MMOs have long been sources of case studies for real-life catastrophes. You may have heard of the time the CDC got very interested in a bug in World of Warcraft - the "Corrupted Blood Incident"


Dude, this is like the Chinese and California's Real Estate market.

@Alesha millennials would be too soft to play EVE Online
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