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LB :

I would add this quote to the post :

There are no activist communities, only the desire for communities, or the convenient fiction of communities. A community is a material web that binds people together, for better and for worse, in interdependence. If its members move away every couple years because the next place seems cooler, it is not a community


Luniaise @Luna


If it is easier to kick someone out than to go through a difficult series of conversations with them, it is not a community. Among the societies that had real communities, exile was the most extreme sanction possible, tantamount to killing them. On many levels, losing the community and all the relationships it involved was the same as dying. Let’s not kid ourselves: we don’t have communities."

Tiens à priori cette deuxième partie de la citation plaît vachement plus que la première :eo_thinking:

C'est dommage parce que je pense que la première partie est tout aussi importante que celle-ci, mais elle est plus visuelle, j'admets

Bon et le truc dommage c'est que du coup les gens voient pas le toot à l'origine et donc l'article 🙃