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eye contact, axe, boost++ 

Day 530

Your local butch, going to cut some wood

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How to talk to me outside the Fediverse :

- Matrix :

- Telegram : @Luna_Blue

- Wire (which I don't use much) : @luna_blue

- Discord (which I don't use much) : Luna#4957

- Twitter : @LunaNarchiste

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My accounts all over the Fediverse :

- @Luna_ main account (I usually accept most follow requests)

- @Luna my blog if I ever want to write stuff in public again (probably mostly french but who knows)

- Lewd account on request (mutuals only)

- Private account on request (mutuals only, mostly french)

SInce it was easter Day, i n0w have an excuse t0 taLk t0 ariane a80ut eggs (ESpeciaLy ch0c0Late eggs) anD she has a 8ig smiLe when i taLk a80ut it since she thinks 0f her n8f anD it's very aD0ra8Le t0 watch ::::3

Pourquoi les meufs sortent avec des mecs, d'ailleurs?

suite à des soucis perso je vais annuler le stream de ce soir

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punktrash admin fail ; user client connection 

TL;DR : sorry but if you use this instance with a mobile client you're gonna have to re-login or update your access token if your client can do that. In the case of subway tooter apparently you also have to remove and re-add your notification columns after that

what happened is uh i don't know tbh. tried updating, one of the db migrations failed, and for reasons still unknown some parts of authentication failed at the same time (error 403 and 422 when accessing via mobile client) nothing in any logs so i'm at a loss.

I then rolled back the update in the hopes that it would magically fix everything : it didn't, but at least the instance was accessible via browser so :meowshrug:

a second fix got merged, i updated again, this time the migration was done successfully so everything is good ; except it's not because the weird invisible ghost problem with authentication is still there. Only fix i found for now is to re-login or update access tokens.

Sorry again about that if you are/were affected, next time i'll be more careful i guess ;;
that's what i get for running software on a develop branch :blobwhee:

Bon, si tout va bien, on va continuer à stream Pesterquest avec ce soir à 21h !

i will never turn my monitor on. i consider it an act of weakness

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