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eye contact, axe, boost++ 

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How to talk to me outside the Fediverse :

- Matrix :

- Telegram : @Luna_Blue

- Wire (which I don't use much) : @luna_blue

- Discord (which I don't use much) : Luna#4957

- Twitter : @LunaNarchiste

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My accounts all over the Fediverse :

- @Luna_ main account (I usually accept most follow requests)

- @Luna my blog if I ever want to write stuff in public again (probably mostly french but who knows)

- @lunaticScientist homestuck related toots and probably some other stuff idk

- Lewd account on request (mutuals only)

- Private account on request (mutuals only, mostly french)

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me: *throws the closest bra i could find in thilda's face*
Thilda: *hugs the bra like a plushie*

eye contact but I'm wearing shades 

Nationalism, perception of cultures 

similarly, "policeman" and "policewoman" are unnecessarily gendered -- just say "pig," or "willing tool of the fascist police state"

i don't have optics that can really capture it, but tonight's moon is..... verrrrr good

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