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Moi : Mes révisions se passent bien, jsuis très productif ce soir c'est cool !!!

Moi 1 minute plus tard : Tût tût

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Please have my cat's daily "leave me alone, f you, let me sleep, I hate you, you annoying human" expression

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Ma salle de cours préférée c'est la salle 106

Dodo time, lever 5h15 demain pour le retour °^°
Bonne journée/nuit '^'

Karl Lagerfeld est mort.

Vous savez, ce couturier très célèbre qui crachait sur le mouvement #MeToo, remettait en question les témoignages des victimes, disait aux jeunes filles "si vous ne voulez pas qu'on vous tire la culotte, ne devenez pas mannequin" ?

Ouais, celui-ci.

Du coup je vous le dis sans trembler : aujourd'hui, c'est champagne pour moi. 🍾

when a white person says that they're "color blind" in response to discussion about racism, they think that they're saying "i am a tolerant person."

however, what they're actually saying is "i can't see racism, so i won't acknowledge it", which is a really messed up way to look at the world

closing our eyes and putting our heads in the sand doesn't make something go away. racism is here to stay until it is acknowledged, explicitly called out by name, and strongly addressed in every community.

Queer Rom-Coms - Why Hollywood Should Make More LGBTQ Romantic Comedies

> We don’t just need historical documentaries, coming out narratives, or survivor stories—and we certainly don’t need any more devastating endings. We need something else, something that heterosexual people take for granted: romantic vision. We need the bread-and-roses romantic comedies that make our hearts soar to the theater ceiling.


#queerness #popculture #shaarlien

Ma chatte regarde fixement sous un nouveau t-shirt pour la Marche des Fiertés de la socio il y a tellement la fin du monde.

Y a une grosse pub pour Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon dieu 2 sur mon tel pour envoyer un message hostile pour que personne s'asseoit à côté et j'ai les yeux rivés sur mon chat. Je m'ennuie pas du tout en retard pour ma synthèse à rendre demain et commencée il y a personne ici

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"ces végan extrémistes qui se font des perruques en poil d'artichaut là"
-Artémis 2k19

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Arkham Café ( ;,;)

We are not "safe"

We disagree with the concept of "safe" which is usually not defined, unclear and open to interpretation. "Safe" is used to do things that are completely contradictory, it can be used to prevent social justice, to tone police and to silence social activist, to defend oppressors, to prevail popularity over social justice.
We consider that activism and politics can't be "safe" in such way that we have to talk about subjects that might be difficult to handle for people living them, but as well because we need to fight against injustice.
We also think that "safeness" is an unreachable goal and an unhealthy one. We believe that such a goal would only lead to policing and exclusion of people that would need help.

That being said, we are not free-speech absolutists. We do believe in moderation and we do have rules, even if they are unspoken. That way, we will not tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other kind of speech promoting systemic oppressions.
We also promote the use of content warnings and NSFW filters.

We are not perfect and can be criticized. If you have any problem with any of us you can contact us by sending a message to one instance's member who will give it to the other. You can also send us a federated report.

Our instance is uniquely composed of trans people and we will only accept trans people to join us.