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Bonsoir masto.

Une idée pour une jeune femme de 18 ans mise à la rue par ses parents ?

Elle n'a pas (encore) le bac.

RDV avec une assistante sociale... dans un mois.

Elle est à Grenoble.

Que me conseillez-vous pour l'aider ?

j'ai "homophile gayxtrémiste" et "entends-tu le chant des transpd" dans ma bio svp faites pas les choqué.e.s quand je dis que les cishet me gonflent

Jsp entre strawberry et watermelon

Et pour moi jme suis déjà tagué dsl, jsuis so kiwi

Et donc oui aujourd'hui ça fait un an que je suis sous TH :blobmiou:

@Ram Lou elle est si belle et si plush et si douce :blob_cat_melt:

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J'ai mis mon maquillage dans mon dos, j'arrive plus à me lever de mon lit

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Arkham Café ( ;,;)

We are not "safe"

We disagree with the concept of "safe" which is usually not defined, unclear and open to interpretation. "Safe" is used to do things that are completely contradictory, it can be used to prevent social justice, to tone police and to silence social activist, to defend oppressors, to prevail popularity over social justice.
We consider that activism and politics can't be "safe" in such way that we have to talk about subjects that might be difficult to handle for people living them, but as well because we need to fight against injustice.
We also think that "safeness" is an unreachable goal and an unhealthy one. We believe that such a goal would only lead to policing and exclusion of people that would need help.

That being said, we are not free-speech absolutists. We do believe in moderation and we do have rules, even if they are unspoken. That way, we will not tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other kind of speech promoting systemic oppressions.
We also promote the use of content warnings and NSFW filters.

We are not perfect and can be criticized. If you have any problem with any of us you can contact us by sending a message to one instance's member who will give it to the other. You can also send us a federated report.

Our instance is uniquely composed of trans people and we will only accept trans people to join us.