@rey Not agreeing.

We have smartphones, now, technology made it far easier to make videos. Knowledge isn't teached in every courses like writing isn't (I speak of writing like how to structurate your thoughts and stuff)

Saying that the alternative to video is text isn't true at all, it's a different medium, different language.

That and this totally ignores illiterate/low literacy folks who can much more easily digest an audio/video medium or speech better than text.

Might be more accessible to producers but audience members operate in a variety of nuanced scenarios that can't be summarized in such broad strokes


@nergalur @rey Yes, the disabilities aren't taken in count.

Plus, text can be a no-go for someone who doesn't have the energy to focus and read whereas video can allow you to get some stuff if it's done correctly (edited, I mean, not just doing a lecture in front of a camera, that's where the language part comes in)

It's accessible in means (or almost, depending on the situation), but not forcefully in knowledge

In my own context text is usually more accessible because of the constraints of listening to audio in public (I don't always want others to hear what I'm seeing or be loud in public). That and I can read fairly well

But I can appreciate where others might be the exact opposite situation

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