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Dessin, kink, hypnose 

Oui on s'entraine sur ce qu'on peut

Joyeux anniversaire Γ  la Space Lady :blobcatmeltlove: :blobouin: :meowhearthug:πŸŽ‰

turns out reality was a simulation all along and the universe was in fact, the universe. nothing else has been learnt from this fact

Des chats partout x)
J'ai oreo sur mon bureau, mirabelle sur les jambres :'3

The Hatsune Miku meme doesn't work for Harry Potter because Harry Potter exhibits politics deeply reflective of its author's biases

From birdsite 


Since its pride month here is a (b&w) thread of black lesbians in the 1900s



microsoft: mayyybe we have enough bloody profit on our hands. it's time to slow down just a bit

capitalists: this is good. humanity restored. the system works

who marked 911 on my microwave at nine minutes and eleven seconds. show yourself coward. it's nice

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